Welcome to the Trachtenverein Waldburg e.V.

Welcome to the Trachtenverein Waldburg. We dance, play and make music out of love and joy for our homeland. Our traditional costume association is known far beyond the borders of the country. Performances in neighboring countries, in Austria, Lichtenstein and Switzerland, but also in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands have long been part of our everyday life. In the Balkans, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, the USA and Brazil, the traditional costumers of the Waldburger Trachtenverein with the Glockenspiel group have been welcome participants and guests at traditional costume and folklore festivals. On our website you will find information about us, dates and many pictures of our performances at national and international traditional costume and folklore festivals. We look forward to seeing you again at our performances. We hope you enjoy surfing through our pages.

Where we come from

Waldburg, a municipality with a current population of around 3000, once the seat of the Truchsessen von Waldburg family, lies a good 800 m above sea level, making it the highest town in Upper Swabia. It is located between Ravensburg and Wangen in the Allgäu and is just 35 km north of Lake Constance. Surrounded by beautiful pine forests, the village is home to the Waldburg traditional costume and Schuhplattler group. The Waldburg traditional costume association was first founded in 1920, was re-established in 1956 and has been a member of the Lake Constance Heritage and Costume Association since 1961. Then as now, the association felt drawn to the Allgäu and so it is not surprising that the group wears the Allgäu mountain costume.

Our association

The Waldburg traditional costume association has around 150 members, 60 of whom are active. The members are divided into different groups. The active group stands for our Schuhplattler group, as well as the Glockenspiel group, the Alphorn group and the Goiselschnaltzer. Our traditions, partly indigenous, partly introduced from Tyrol in the 19th century, include traditional dances, Schuhplattler, as well as the preservation of brass and alpine folk music. We are passionate about Schuhplatteln and have expanded our repertoire to include figure and folk dances. Special Schuhplattler that we like to perform are the Bankelplattler, Hosenlupf and Holzhacker. Our performances are always enriched with figure dances such as the star dance or the mill wheel.

Our costume

The Allgäu mountain costume:

The boys wear black deerskin trousers with yellow-green embroidery, green trouser straps embroidered in noble white, a white shirt with a blue tie, a green velour hat with eagle fluff, gray woolen stockings, black leather shoes and a gray jacket.
The women – called “Dirndl” – wear gray skirts with velvet ribbons and black bodices, white blouses, green aprons, white colorful embroidered shawls, white stockings and also a green hat with fluff.


Board of directors

Wolfgang März
Edensbach 54
88289 Waldburg
Tel. +49(7529)9736702
Markus Thielbeer
Parkstr. 28
88353 Kißlegg
Tel. +49(7529) 8984 900
Albert Rankel
Mochenwangenerstr. 3
88284 Wolpertswende
Tel. +49(7502) 6909151