Glockenspiel group

Seven musicians belong to the Waldburg Glockenspiel group. This puts the ensemble in an incomparable position among similar groups.
In addition to two sets of bells with a total of 61 cowbells (2.5 octaves), the Waldburg line-up currently includes an accordion, guitar, dulcimer, zither, recorder and a harp. Handling the bells is not easy. They need to be picked up at lightning speed, shaken and gently set down again without falling over. An incorrectly placed bell would take all the others with it and the “domino effect” would ensue. There are no teachers for this discipline. Each player has their own technique. Although these are passed on, everyone has to find their own way to playing without mistakes. The exact origins of the glockenspiel are no longer known. What is certain, however, is that it originated in the Allgäu. In the chronicle of the Waldburger Trachtenverein it says: “
The peaceful ringing of the cows on the mountain pastures, as well as the melodic sound of the church bells in the valley, which also send up their greeting every day, may well have prompted the young people to make music together in their parlors.” The seven players, from young to slightly older, delight their audience not only in the region. The glockenspiel group from the Trachtenverein Waldburg became known to a wider audience through their participation in harbor concerts and other radio broadcasts as well as in the folk music hit parade and an appearance at the Federal Garden Show in Stuttgart on South German television. Performances in neighboring countries, in Austria, Lichtenstein and Switzerland, but also in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands have long been part of everyday life. In the Balkans, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, the USA and Brazil, the glockenspiel group has been a welcome participant and guest at traditional costume and folklore festivals with the members of the Waldburger Trachtenverein.
Many titles were composed and arranged by Johannes Längle, the former leader of the glockenspiel group.